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Let’s face it, no one likes to work, live or play in an unclean environment. At TMT Facility Services we are focused on your health, safety, comfort and productivity, as well as that of your employees and family members. As human beings, we simply function better in a clean environment. People tend to be happier when the area around them is not only spotless, but sanitized and smelling fresh as well. So being a custodial service in Tyler and East Texas that you can depend on for all of your sanitation and building maintenance needs sounded like the perfect standard to build our company around. Our number one goal is to deliver a timely and efficient cleaning maid service at rates that you can be happy with. We strive to be among the top building maintenance companies Smith County has to offer and the reason for this being our high standards and expert staff members.


Superior office cleaning in Tyler and East Texas

With no two clients’ needs being the same, how could the same approach be appropriate at one facility as compared to another? We strive to make every client a personally tailored procedure that is specific to their establishment. Each customer receives a comprehensive review of the needs of their facility to see how to best service their unique space.


The best Services are the ones you don’t ever have to think about. They just happen, the way they are supposed to. Janitorial should not be something you have to deal with on a daily basis. That’s our job! Our people arrive on time and do the work as scheduled. If someone is sick or out for the day a trained temp will step in with the management team to ensure the cleaning is always as it should be. If you need to reach us, our office will page the management team 24/7 and someone will always call you back in a timely manner.

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